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German healthcare sector, including its industry and all services is one of the largest grossing sectors of the German economy. This makes it one of the most sought after and well paid jobs in the country. Having created unsurpassed standards in the international student recruitment avenue, Vimal Academy has now expanded into medical recruitments in Germany. Realizing the untapped potential of the available healthcare professionals in the market and finding a dearth of professional recruitment platforms, Vimal Academy has entered into the market with its own recruitment portal.

Vimal Academy seeks to establish a seamless system in place wherein healthcare professionals and recruitment agents/agencies can get connected to the best hospitals in Germany. The portal would be a one stop destination to gain entry into the German healthcare service industry.

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Required Professionals

We cover all the fields in the medical fields, making us one of the top medical recruitment companies in the world. Our choices include doctors, nurses , pharmacists, dentists, biotechnicians and many more

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Who we are?

So whether you are a budding medical professional with minimum work experience looking to start your career in Germany or a well experienced professional wishing to expand your boundaries, MediJobs is here to answer any and all queries you may have. MediJobs strives to achieve high standards in medical recruitment by guiding and assisting qualified practitioners and maintaining strong working relations with top medical organizations in Germany.
An in-depth understanding of our client requirements and a commitment to provide amazing opportunities for candidates makes MediJobs different from others. We are quality-driven, with a professional and friendly team who are available to help you to find the best solution for your personal career development and organizational needs

Why Germany

German economy has a great demand for professionals in different occupations, especially in the field Health, research and more. Germany is recognized as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Germany has largely been untouched by serious natural disasters and its political system is stable.